New Release 0.7: Backup&Restore, HTTPS, Mastodon and Nextcloud


  • Add apps: Nextcloud, Mastodon
  • Support Backup & Restore, run automatically on every app restart
  • Support HTTPS with certificates automatically generated using Let's Encrypt
  • Allow custom app domain under user subdomain
  • Start/Stop an app using admin shell command
  • Update various apps and fix various bugs

I am very happy to announce next release 0.7 of Puffin. It's been a while since the last one, but there are many exciting features.

First of all Puffin now supports backup & restore using volume-backup. Before the operation, application needs to be stopped, in order to prevent any data inconsistency. Due to its simplicity, all applications support it out of the box and backup is automatically executed on each restart.

Second notable feature is HTTPS support. It can be activated in app settings. Under the hood it uses Let's Encrypt to generate individual free certificates.

Finally there are two new important apps that I am using daily on Puffin:

  • Nextcloud - a free and open-source Dropbox on steroids,
  • Mastodon - a decentralized, open source social network.

In the future i hope to keep more regular and frequent release cycle.

Happy hosting!